Measuring Family Outcomes in Early Intervention: Findings from a Large-Scale Assessment


Raspa, M., Bailey, D. B., Nelson, R., Robinson, N., Simpson, M. E., Guillen, C., Olmsted, M., & Houts, R. (2010). Measuring family outcomes in early intervention: Findings from a large-scale assessment. Exceptional Children, 76(4), 496-510.

0-3/Part C /Early Intervention
3-5/Section 619/Preschool

This study reports data from a large scale assessment in which the Family Outcomes Survey was used with families participating in early intervention. The study was designed to determine how families describe themselves with regard to outcomes achieved, the extent to which outcomes are interrelated, and the extent to which child, family, and program factors are associated with outcomes. Although families reported positive outcomes, there was variability in their responses. Factor analysis revealed two areas where outcomes were clustered: 1. family knowledge and ability; and 2. family support and community services. Hierarchical linear models indicated race/ethnicity, income, time in early intervention, perception of early intervention, and family-centered services were related to family outcomes. Also discussed are recommendations on how to best use survey data.

Family Outcomes